Intro to Front-End Web Development Course

In this course, you’ll get an introduction to coding, put your newfound knowledge to the test with some development exercises, and investigate the various career paths available in the field. There are five lessons, and each one lasts approximately fifteen minutes. Plus, you’ll find out if front-end web development is the correct career path for you.

Course benefits

Front-End Web Development

This course will give you a hands-on introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, from what it is and why it matters to the skills you’ll need to be successful in the field. It was written by the same experts who created our full Front-End Development curriculum. If you’re new to front-end web development and want to learn more, this is a great place to start.

Why learn front-end development?

Skills in coding and web development are in high demand.

Learn how to use code to build something from scratch and realize your ideas with only a laptop. Learn some of the most valuable, in-demand skills there are.

Communicate with tech teams in their own language

Learn the fundamentals of coding so you can explain your concepts to your tech team in a way that is both clear and effective.

Boost your career by learning to code.

Learning to code is a highly effective way to increase the value you offer, whether you want to work on a side-project, launch your own company, or simply give your organization access to a wider range of abilities.

Meet your instructor, Jason Early

Jason has taught and supervised individuals and teams at some of the world’s largest technology companies, government agencies, and numerous startups. He has over 20 years of design experience and is an award-winning designer and instructor.

When you sign-up for mentorship, any feedback and one-on-one sessions are conducted directly by Jason.

Individualized Mentor Support

You don’t have to go it alone. Complement your self-led journey with guidance and feedback when you need it. 

During your 1:1 sessions, our expert mentors can: 

  • Troubleshoot complex concepts.
  • Provide portfolio project feedback.
  • Help you apply new skills to your job.
  • Offer insights on industry careers.

Build a learning roadmap, stay motivated, and make the most of your experience with the help of our dedicated team.

Start a career change

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Intro to Front-end Development Course

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  • 5 lessons
  • Hands-on exercises
  • Optional mentor support
  • Lifetime access to all lessons

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Common Questions

This course is designed with the absolute beginner in mind—you don’t even need a background in design or tech. It’s an excellent starting point for your career-change journey.

The course is self-paced. Once you sign up, you’ll get full access to the course. The lessons each take around 15 minutes to complete, but you can complete them whenever it works best for you.

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